Industrial Installations and Technological Lines

Design and construction of Industrial Equipment

We specialize in designing, producing, assembling, and maintaining comprehensive industrial systems. Our company have a modern design and technology office, a laboratory and a machine park. Chemat designs and produces stainless steel equipment. Our services include comprehensive chemical and spirit production plant solutions – design, construction, automation, startup, and maintenance.

Build your Industrial Installation with us

Comprehensive services

Our experts offer comprehensive services in the areas of planning, production, assembly, and maintenance of industrial systems. We specialize in the construction of modern industrial facilities and the modernization of existing properties. With our modern design and technology office, laboratory, and machine park, we can carry out orders at the highest level. Build your future industrial plant with us – from design to implementation.


Status of the Polish R&D center.


27 years of experience.
Over 700 projects.


Maximum attention to detail.


Tailor-made customer solutions.

We offer proven solutions for your industry.



Industrial Installations

Technical project, selection of devices, execution, assembly, and commissioning.

Brennerei Maliniec

Distillation Plants

Distillation Plants and Rectification Plants.


Thermal Processes

Evaporation technology, Drying technology, and Rectification-absorption.


Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessel manufacturer, Sterile tanks,
Steel tanks, Storage tanks, and more.


Process Equipment​

Columns, Reactors, Fermenters,
Mixing containers and more.


Heat Exchangers

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Plate Heat Exchangers, and Spiral Heat Exchangers.


Sustainable Technology for the Future

Our technological innovation goes hand in hand with sustainability. With a clear focus on environmental sustainability, we are shaping the future of technology.

We follow Best Practices

Project On Time
Modern Technology
Production Scalability

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Marzena Czapnik

Technologist Polnische Sprache - Symbol Deutsche Sprache - Symbol Englische Sprache - Symbol
+48 661 011 130

Zbigniew Ułanowski

Founder Polnische Sprache - Symbol Russische Sprache - Symbol Englische Sprache - Symbol
+48 601 861 397

We are based in the center of Poland!

Chemat Sp. z o.o.


Przemysłowa 85a, 62-510 Konin, Poland
VAT Number: PL6652744758

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