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Services in the area of planning and implementation of industrial plants

Chemat – your expert for the planning and implementation of industrial plants in process-related engineering. With over 27 years of experience, Chemat is an undisputed market leader in the field of industrial installations. Our work is based on solid foundations of the design and technology office, an advanced machine park, and expertise in the field of industrial technologies.

Industrial Installation Experts

Our Projects


Modernization of the Distillation Plant

We have modernized the distillation system for our customer in the food industry – the production of pectins. We have installed a new circulator that allows the contents of the distillation column to be heated. The circulator redirects the entire amount of steam condensate back into the process. This is a very economical technology.

Die Entwässerung von Alkohol

Installation of Esterification

We have carried out the optimization and commissioning of the research facility for the production of fodder mushrooms. The project concerned the industrial production of fodder mushrooms. We have designed an experimental plant for the esterification process of oil blends on a semi-industrial and quarter-industrial scale

Modernisierung des Heizwerks

Modernization of the Heating Plant

We took part in updating the exhaust gas purification system in a municipal cogeneration plant to modernize it by emission standards. The project improved the properties of the exhaust gases emitted and minimized their impact on the environment. Our work included the installation of the DeNOx system, the construction of pumps and pipelines, welding work, and protective measures against corrosion.


Chemical Heat Pump

The innovative installation of a chemical heat pump enables the production of a highly efficient heating medium by recovering energy from a low-temperature waste heat stream. It is a research and development project. Chemical heat pumps use reversible exothermic and endothermic chemical reactions to increase the temperature of working fluids.

Technological Design and Construction of Industrial Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

To build an industrial plant, do I need a technological plan?

To cooperate with our company Chemat regarding the implementation of an industrial facility, no prior technological planning is required. We are ready to work together right from the customer’s concept phase. Our company specializes in the comprehensive design and execution of industrial facilities. That includes the development of technological plans and the construction of facilities.

Understanding the client’s individual needs and guidelines is a top priority in our approach. We work holistically and offer support in selecting the appropriate technology as well as tailor-made solutions and the implementation of projects according to the customer’s individual preferences. We are convinced that our experience and commitment can meet all expectations related to the implementation of industrial systems.

What type of industrial systems does Chemat realize?

The Chemat company specializes in the realization of industrial plants in various sectors. Including the spirits, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, fuel, energy, and agricultural sectors. Our expertise extends across a wide range of areas, allowing us to provide comprehensive support to customers with diverse requirements.

In our approach to industrial projects, Chemat values individuality. We treat each project uniquely, adapting our solutions to the specific requirements and characteristics of each sector. We are not afraid of challenges and are ready to take on different tasks to offer our customers a comprehensive service at the highest level. Our experience and commitment enable us to operate effectively in various industrial sectors and provide our customers with innovative and efficient solutions.

Does the Chemat company implement innovative research projects?

Yes, our company, Chemat, is engaged in carrying out innovative research projects. Chemat has the status of „Research and Development Center”, which confirms our advanced competencies in the field of research and development. We are ready to take on challenging and complex projects and try to push the boundaries of current knowledge.

We also maintain partnerships with universities to benefit from the latest scientific advances. Our approach includes the implementation of groundbreaking projects as well as the ability to apply non-conventional solutions. In addition, we are engaged in the construction of experimental facilities and prototypes. This allows us to test innovative solutions and verify their effectiveness before they are introduced on a large scale.

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