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Process Equipment​​​​

Design and production of process and chemical equipment – that is Chemat’s comprehensive offering. We offer innovative solutions for the industry, including various components such as columns, heat exchangers, chemical reactors, storage vessels, stirring vessels, pressure vessels, evaporation and drying systems. We provide full-service: from planning through production to delivery directly to the customer. With extensive experience and high-quality standards, we support individual customer requirements. Choose Chemat and invest in reliability, efficiency, and professionalism in apparatus construction.

Experts in Chemical and Process Equipment & Apparatus Manufacturing

Our Products



Rectification Column,
Distillation Column,
Extraction Column,
Packed Column,
Sieve Tray Column.


Heat Exchangers

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Plate Heat Exchangers,
Spiral Heat Exchangers,
Production, Maintenance & Repair.

Chemical Reactor

Reactors and Vessels for chemical reactions. Construction made of high-quality alloys, resistant to chemical substances. Heat dissipation for stable process conditions. Design, construction, and delivery.

Additional Equipment

Agitator Tank,
Cleaning Nozzle,
Heating and Cooling,
Piping Systems,
Clean-in-place CIP Systems.

Storage Tanks

Horizontal or Vertical Storage Tanks, free-standing Tanks on steel supports, Water Tanks, Flat Bottom Tanks, double-walled Stainless Steel Tanks, Flammable Storage Tanks, and Welded Silos.

Process Pressure Vessels

Pressure sterile tanks, standing and hanging stainless steel pressure tanks,
Process tanks, pharmaceutical containers,
Chemical containers and food tanks, fermenters.


Evaporation Systems

Falling Film Evaporator, Plate Evaporator, Forced Circulation Evaporator.

Drying Systems

Spray Dryers, Ring Dryers,
Rotary Dryers.

Pressure Vessels, Tanks, and Apparatus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main types of process equipment?

The main types of process equipment include various components used in industrial processes. These include columns, heat exchangers, chemical reactors, storage tanks, stirred tanks, pressure vessels, and evaporation and drying systems. Each of these types fulfills specific functions and plays a crucial role in different production processes. The selection of suitable technology equipment depends on the requirements of the respective process. Our company offers comprehensive solutions to meet individual equipment needs.

How to choose the right process system for a specific application

Selecting the optimal process system for a specific application requires specialist knowledge and individual adaptation. Our experts at Chemat are at your disposal with many years of experience to help you choose the right equipment. Through our comprehensive range of services, we can ensure that the needs of your process are met. Trust in our expertise and contact us for tailor-made solutions that achieve your production goals.

Does the company offer process equipment design and execution services as a complete solution?

Yes, our company provides comprehensive process equipment design and execution services as a complete solution. Our experts are available to understand your requirements and develop tailored solutions. Trust our experience and expertise to ensure your project is implemented smoothly and efficiently. We warmly invite you to benefit from our comprehensive range of services and look forward to meeting your requirements.

Contact us today to find out about the full range of our services and collaboration options.

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