Manufacturing of special tanks: solutions adapted for different industries

There are many different industries with unique needs for storing and transporting various substances. In response to these needs, the manufacturing of specialty containers has become a key element in supporting various industries. These containers are designed and manufactured for specific applications and are therefore an indispensable component for various areas.

Containers in agriculture and agribusiness

In agriculture, special containers are used to store fertilizers, pesticides, water, and other substances needed for plant growth and animal husbandry. They are designed taking into account the preservation of the substances in an intact state. Also ensuring access to the required quantities in specific places on the farm. These containers help in efficient and sustainable resource management in agriculture.

Containers in the chemical industry

In the chemical industry, the storage and transport of various chemical substances is a key element of the production processes. Specialty containers are customized to store aggressive chemical substances while maintaining integrity and safety. Their construction must meet strict safety standards and maintain the quality of the substances over time.

Containers in the food industry

In the food industry, special containers are used to store food, drinks, and other products. They must meet strict hygiene and safety standards to maintain the quality of the products and avoid contamination. These containers are designed to ensure optimal storage conditions and facilitate the logistics of food production and distribution.

Containers in the energy industry

In the energy industry, special containers play an important role in storing substances such as transformer oils, lubricants, and fuels. Their task is to ensure the reliability of the energy supply and to maintain the substances under appropriate conditions of temperature and pressure. In the event of malfunctions or leaks, serious consequences can occur for the energy systems.

Customized solutions

At Chemat, we specialize in manufacturing specialty containers that meet the unique needs of various industries. Our team designs and manufactures containers that are not only efficient but also manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. We stand ready to use our knowledge and experience to deliver solutions that meet your specific needs.

If you are interested in specialty containers or need more information, we invite you to contact us. We are ready to support your projects and goals in various industries.

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